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The Story

Here at Trout Salad, we are dedicated to share the experience of Fly Fishing.  Our beliefs that the sport should be for everyone, comes from the passion angling fills our hearts with; which should be shared with all.  We are not here to preach the typical angling views, but do ask that each one who takes on the sport will be mind-full of the enviornment from which it came.  To do your part in preserving aquatic nature...

Now, cruise down to one of the rivers and let it all out with rod, flies, waders, etc. and become in tune with the aquatic habitat.  That alone can relieve any stress.  So you lift a rock or see a hatch, tie on the fly you believe is similar.  Find that perfect seam, or whatever, and cast with a perfect presentation.  Drifting, waiting while in your mind you picture a nice trout taking your fly and away you go.  Coming close now to where your trout is, you prepare to set the hook and next thing you know you’re at the end of the drift and time to reset.  


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